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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Class 2 Spring 2015 Newsletter

Class 2 have greeted the new year with aptly chosen Learning Resolutions.  This term the children will, of course, continue to work hard on their reading, writing and mathematics.  They will start working on more formal reading comprehensions, writing in more structured sentences and improving their adding and subtracting skills.

We have been observing signs of winter as part of our ongoing study of the seasons and we have been discussing different kinds of weather, including different cloud types and wind strengths.  We hope to experience lots of variety in the weather this term, which the children will record on our daily weather charts.  They will also be making and filming their own weather forecasts.  In science, we will be investigating changes to materials through evaporating and condensing, freezing and melting, with water, ice (and perhaps snowballs?).

We will be studying the climates of countries around the world and the children will choose a country to write about in more detail.  In PSHE we will be discussing the culture and values of modern Britain, and will investigate some of the traditions of people who live in our community.

In English this term we will be reading and writing about dragons - both the legendary fire-breathing kind as well as more domesticated imaginary pets.  We have started with the traditional tale of St George and the Dragon and have read The Snow Dragon, a beautifully-illustrated story by Vivian French.  In Art, the children have been mixing powder paint to make beautiful shades of secondary colours: oranges, purples and greens.  They’ll use these to collage pictures of dragons to write about. 

All this work on dragons will lead us into our celebrations for Chinese New Year just before half term.   On 12th February at 10.45am we will be leading an assembly to share stories and songs from China - do please join us if you can.  Chinese New Year will be celebrated in Chinese communities around the world and in London during half term week.  Do please think about taking children up to Chinatown in the West End if you possibly can - it’s a fun time to be there!