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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to Class 1! 

The new school year is starting and we're so excited to welcome all the new children to our class.

In September, the term will begin with staggered intakes on Wednesday 4th.

Week 1,  we ask parents to bring their children in at 1:15 through the office/reception where I will collect them. Pick time is at 3:15 outside the classroom - to get there, you will need to go through the playground and round to the left.

Week 2 will be mornings only and we ask parents to bring their children at 8:45 on the playground with the rest of the school and line up together when the bell rings. We will then say goodbye to parents on the playground and bring the children into the cloakroom where they will put their things away independently. This will be their normal morning routine. Pick up time is 12:00 at the office/reception.

Week 3 will be a 8:45 start on the playground and a 3:15 finish. This week includes lunches, which the children choose that morning.  

Many thanks and see you soon!

By Kenai and Amaya