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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Learning during school closure

Update: Tuesday 5th January 2021

All remote learning is now issued using Seesaw. Please refer to recent emails regarding accessing this for your child's provision. For this week, tasks will be added as regularly as possible in the morning. From the week of 11/1/21, we should be able to move to a more fixed timetable of tasks and live teaching.

SA 5/1/21

See attachment below for a more detailed description of Home learning at Foxton during lockdown Jan 2021.


Update: Monday 20th July 2020

There will be no videos or tasks of the day for the final week (see my video message for the week of 13/7/20). There is a task of the week set on Edmodo: complete the three move-up activities as attached. Please bring the completed move-up work to school in September. 

SA 20/7/20


Update: Monday 29th June 2020

From this week, I will no longer be uploading a daily video or tasks of the day. The programme for Y6 will be entirely in school as all Y6 children are now attending. I will continue to use Edmodo to set tasks for them as needed. Children will be invited to the Zoom lessons and into school in small groups. There will be a weekly video to outline the task of the week and the relevant spelling patterns. For Y5, the programme for the next three weeks will be as follows:

Weekly video uploaded
Mathletics set and due by the end of the week
Task of the Week set and due by the end of the week
Readiwriter spelling patterns set for the week
Daily practice activities

Daily practice activities
Children continue with Mathletics
Children continue with the Task of the Week
1430-1500 Zoom lesson -  (maths) AB ZL CL LO HM IS TG

Daily practice activities
Children continue with Mathletics
Children continue with the Task of the Week
1330-1400 Zoom lesson - (maths) JK TW ERD FE IB

Daily practice activities
Children continue with Mathletics
Children continue with the Task of the Week
Afternoon meeting in school for 30 minutes (English and reading)

Daily practice activities
Children complete Mathletics
Children complete the Task of the Week 


SA 29/6/20



Update: Monday 1st June 2020

Y6 children return to school this week. We will continue to set work for the whole class using the existing system of daily videos, daily practice activities, tasks of the day and tasks of the week. In addition and in order to prepare them for KS3, Y6 children in school will cover the material in English and maths that would have been covered in the run up to the National Curriculum end of Key Stage 2 test ("SATs"). This will be reviewed in four weeks' time - half way through this half term. 

SA 1/6/20


Update: Monday 20th April 2020

We have moved to a system of daily videos. These are published here as well as on Edmodo. We will be issuing tasks of the day alongside daily practice activities as well as an optional task of the week to provide extension opportunities.

We will review this provision on 7/5/20 after the Government's review of the current lockdown and again on 28/5/20 at the next review. If there are no plans for children to return to school then we will continue this daily provision and consider moving to live lessons. If children return to school after the May half term then the current provison will continue for any children who do not return.

SA 20/4/20



Update: Friday 20th March 2020

Homework book

Your child will have returned home on Friday with a single exercise book in which they can record home learning until normal service resumes. The book has squared-paper pages and to allow for written and mathematical work. Please help your child to keep this book neat and tidy and to treat it like any other exercise book in school (underlined dates on each page, no decoration on the cover, work through in order, rule off as necessary).

It will not be possible to mark all the work when the children return to school but there will be opportunities to share with the class and me any work they have completed.

The inside front cover of the book contains a list of passwords for various online services. Please do remind your child that passwords should not be shared with others and give the usual reminders about staying safe online.


Work provision

My intention is to post work and suggested activities for each week on a Monday. These will be posted to the class Edmodo page (see below). I do not plan to set work for what would have been the Easter holidays. As this scenario unfolds it will be necessary to review this provision. If the closure is prolonged then we may need to consider live video lessons with small groups but this is some way off.

Please do continue to make time to read with your child even if they read aloud fluently. Talking with an adult around a text - both fiction and non-fiction - helps to build vocabulary and a deeper understanding.


Online services for children

Edmodo ( ) is a social learning network that I have used for some years in Class 4. This will be the central hub of communication between me and Class 4. The children will need to look here for the week’s learning and can also discuss work with me and other children. I will respond to messages as quickly as I can but I can’t guarantee immediate responses! The service can be accessed using a browser or an app. All children have an account and I have set these up to be anonymous. The site is secure and Class 4 is accessible only to those invited.

Mathletics, Spellodrome and Readiwriter are all in current use in Class 4 and for homework. I will use these routinely to set work. ( ) will be familiar to some Y6 children. I will use this to set tasks to practise spelling, punctuation and grammar. Espresso ( ) will be used for researching topic work and for accessing Discovery Coding to practise coding skills.


Contacting me

If you have any questions or concerns then please feel free to email me via the school office as normal. Please do also follow Class 4’s Twitter account ( ) for updates.

Please keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding in these uncharted circumstances!



SA 20/3/20