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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

PE and Sports Premium

P.E and Sport Premium

In April 2013 the Government announced new funding for all maintained and state-funded schools. The aim of this funding is to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.   

We have been incredibly fortunate to have appointed Chloe Jackson to the team in September 2013. She works alongside all class teachers to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in PE.

The vast majority of this fund is paid for the PE specialist teacher to work alongside teachers to develop their skills in teaching PE.  In addition, the school purchases a package of entitlement to additional training for staff and competition entries via the School Sport Partnership; wider opportunities to more diverse experiences such as pilates or additional swimming.

Chloe's expertise has: facilitated the introduction and development of sensory circuits; enhanced pupil participation in extra curricular clubs (gym, dance, archery, cricket); enabled teachers to be more confident in planning and assessment of pupil attainment; and she has advised us on resource needs. We are now looking at developing subject leadership with the support of Johnny Herd and Aaron Pembleton.

Primary PE Specialist work at Foxton Primary School:

Since commencing my role at Foxton, a great deal has been going on in terms of the development of PE and sport.  I have worked closely with each member of teaching staff, supporting them in the delivery of the PE national curriculum.  This support has ranged from anything to creating new ideas to improving teacher’s subject knowledge and delivery.  The ultimate aim of my work has been to raise the standards of teaching in PE and to give all children the opportunity to access high quality learning experiences.  Most of the support has been provided in half termly blocks, with teachers identifying what areas of their delivery they would like help with.  Although some progress has been made in this area, it is important that the school continues to focus on enhancing the delivery of high quality Physical Education.  I am delighted that the school has decided to continue PPES support, as this demonstrates their dedication in providing children with excellent learning experiences in PE and sport.   Chloe

Over time PPES has helped with team building, sensory circuits, lunchtime play leaders, circuit training, sports days, fund raising events and plotting 'the mile'. Recent inclusion has been to use PE/Orienteering to link with key areas of the curriculum.  The sports partnership has helped the school maintain a healthy active school focus including welcoming other sports providers such as Premier Sport who now help us provide Daily Early Before School activities.