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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Week 1

Phase 4 phonics explores consonant blends using the sounds and letters that the children will already know. Blending consonants can be quite tricky, so the key is to sound out the words slowly, emphasising each sound so the child can distinguish between them. Week 1 explores consonant blends at the end of words.

Week 2

We have more consonant blends with week, especially blends at the end of words. Resources are attached below.

Week 3 

The end consonant blends this week are: st, ct, ft, pt, xt. Please find learning materials below, and don't forget you can also use the online phonics resource as well for some phonics games.

Week 4

This week we begin learning the initial consonant blends in words. For this, is it really helpful to over-articulate words to identify the different sounds that we often mispronounce. For example, we often say the tr blend as a ch sound. Chop up and count the sounds of the words on your fingers to clearly identify that there are four and not three sounds being said.

Week 5

This week we will be continuing to learn and practise the initial consonant blends in words. I also recommend practising your tricky words.