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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Daily Activities

  • Reading (Lobby Library now open in school! Come change your reading books in school) 

  • Mathletics (activities are now restricted to the ones that I have set) 

  • Spellings (see the ones I have set) 


Task of the day

See the attachment below. It is all explained in detail.

Task of the week

For our task of the week, I would like you to explore this website which focuses on curriculum music in KS2.

Since we haven't done much music so far, it will be a good idea to explore this website and follow the lessons on there. Have fun with it :)


Video update 11/5/20




Video Update 12/5/20




Video Update 13/5/20



Video Update 14/5/20



Video Update 15/5/20