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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Daily Activities

  • Reading (Lobby Library now open in school! Come change your reading books in school) 

  • Mathletics (activities are now restricted to the ones that I have set) 

  • Spellings (see the ones I have set) 


Task of the day

See the attachment below. It is all explained in detail.

Task of the week

I want to start your task by asking this question: How have different animals adapted to their habitats?

It is up to you to do your own research to answer the question above. I will be linking some websites for you to use/look at.



I want you to pay special attention to a key word you will come across, which is adaptation.

You can focus on one plant and one animal to do your research on. You can choose how you would like to present your work. I would prefer the following:

  • Detailed information poster
  • Detailed fact file
  • Written report
  • PowerPoint presentation

Video Update 18/5/20



Video Update 19/5/20



Video Update 20/5/20



Video Update 21/5/20



Video Update 22/5/20 - Have a lovely half term!