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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Daily Activities

  • Reading a phonics book (Lobby Library now open in school! Come change your reading books in school)
  • Mathletics (activities are now restricted to the ones that I have set)
  • Phonics (please use the tab to the left to work through the weekly activities a little each day)
  • Letter formation (one letter a day)

Task of the Day

Thursday message:



Wednesday message:



Tuesday message:



Monday message:



Task of the Week

This is a piece of work that you can work on throughout the week. It is much like an extended homework piece that requires a range of skills, such as research, drawing, writing and ICT.

Task of the week this week:

What is London known for? Research London's landmarks to find out why it is special.

For this you will need to:

  • Find photos of London's landmarks
  • Understand the term 'capital city' 
  • Research important people in London, especially the country's leaders
  • Label your pictures

You can present this as a poster, a Word document or pictures and labels in your exercise books (or of course, any other imaginative way you would like!)

Thank you!