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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Week 5 of Summer Term

Activities for this week are as follows:

Daily Activities
  • Read a book and record how much you have read in your reading record. Books are available from school so you can change your reading book if you need a new one. If you want a challenge, write a book review, rewrite the ending of the book, or halfway through write down how you think the book will end.
  • Mathletics 
  • Maths quick recall – doubles, halves, multiplication and division
  • Spellings. Practice the common exception words and try writing them in a sentence.
  • Phonics (Year 1) This week is the oa family.
Tasks of the Day

There will be two activities to be complete every day. One will be maths and the other one could be English, Science, History, Geography, Art, RE or Computers. They will be put on the web site every day by 11am you’ll be able to watch my video explaining what you need to do.

Task of the Week

This is a piece of work that you can work on throughout the week. It’s like a mini extended homework that requires a range of skills, such as research, drawing, writing and ICT.

Find out about castle siege weapons.  

Hundreds of years ago castles were often attacked by enemies who wanted to get into the castle and take it over. Different weapons and methods were used to take over a castle. Your task is to find out what they were. You can look on the computer to find out about the 6 different ways that castles were attacked, and for a challenge there are 2 more. Look on the Internet to see what you can find out and write about what the weapons were used for.

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Extended Homework