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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School


In ‘Marvellous Maths’ we have learned about different types of angles. An angle is an amount of turn and is measured in degrees. We now know that right angles are 90º, acute angles less than 90º, obtuse angles are between 90º and 180º and reflex angles are between 180º and 360º. A full turn is 360º.

In ‘Incredible English’ we are writing newspaper reports and have learned about apostrophes and pronouns. Newspaper articles are usually written in the third person. Mrs Smelik has played a prank on us and we have written a newspaper report about it.

In ‘Phenomenal PE’ we have new teams. Mr Jackson organised our groups and lines and we have done different runs. The most challenging run was the pyramid run. We have also practised our ball skills: throwing and catching.

In ‘Amazing Art’ we have drawn patterns with pencil. Our favourite ones are blending and hatching. We are really looking forward to our next art lesson!

In ‘Superb Science’ we are learning about electricity. So far we have looked at the different sources of electricity, such as power stations, water, wind and a few other, strange ones.

Overall, we have enjoyed the last few weeks.

Cecily and Lily



Bridges in Design Technology

At the beginning of this half term, we started to design and make bridges.  First we drew a rough idea on paper of what we might like our bridges to look and be like. Next, we drew another simple design and followed that design out to make paper bridges with A4 paper. We had 100 paper fake pounds notes to pretend to pay for our supplies.

The following week, we got the saws out and started sawing 9 cm lengths of wood. When this was done, we stuck 4 of these together in a square to make a frame, and we also stuck triangles on the corners to make supports.

The week after that, we sawed 4 pieces of wood exactly 9 cm long. Then we got 4 frames. We stuck them together with the pieces of wood, to make a cube. We repeated this once. Next we chose our road colours and we stuck some more wood along the cubes to make a frame for the road to go. That was the basic bridge design.

After that, we were allowed to carry on our design however we wanted to. The lolly sticks were popular, for making triangles on the sides. Also, lengths of wood were also seen going on the sides acting like safety railings. Our amazing bridges are really coming together!

Ethan Bellamy and Flora Brines