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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School


In class 1, we always have a very practical approach to our learning. This half term, the children were challenged to set up and conduct a maths investigation.

Their question: How many objects does it take to measure your height?

In teams, children took it in turns to choose the object with which they would be measured, and then have their teammates stack, count and record their height. 

Each child chose their own way to record their evidence, some using pictures, others using numerals, and some even chosing to write out the full sentences! This produced very diverse work that was meaningful and individual to the child. 

The variety of evidence and objects then led to a class discussion about how to compare our results. We quickly realised that we couldn't! If some children we measured in bricks and others in duplo blocks, the measurements just couldn't be compared. Therefore, we needed one sure way to measure everyone so it would be fair.

And how do we do this? With a metre stick! 

The children were quick to grasp standard measurement from this discussion and the need for it, and carried out fairer measurements independently using a metre stick. 


We are multilingual!

Children's social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is such an important part of their well-being. This is why in Class 1, we celebrate a multitude of different languages and cultures from around the world.

Every morning, we sing our Hello song and ask each other how we are doing. In seven different languages! Our original collection of languages consisted of English, French, German, Spanish and Serbian. In a recent class assembly, however, we asked the whole school to challenge us by suggesting new languages to learn. So, we have recently learnt how to sing Hello in Greek and Mandarin. 

We looked at the different flags and talked about the differences between children in our country and children in those countries whose languages we are learning. It was also a great opportunity to look at the different cultural traditions from around the globe, such as what children do with the teeth that they lose.

Did you know that in France, it is not the Tooth Fairy that collects your tooth but a mouse, La Petite Souris?

In China, did you know that children throw their teeth on the roof to make the new teeth grow faster?

The children designed and made a house for one of the little creatures that collects our fallen teeth from any country they wanted. We thought carefully about what they might need, such as little bags for the teeth, small mouse-sized beds, and of course, magic sparkles!

If you have any suggestions for our next language challenge, please don't hesitate to let us know!


The Nativity

Class 1 and 2 were proud to present a traditional adaptation of the Nativity this year. Each child took part and was able to experience the importance of this celebration for Christians. 

From cows to kings' helpers, the children bravely played their role for their parents, carers, families and school friends. 

Thank you to all the parents and carers who organised costumes for their children, and who helped out on the days of the performances, painting faces and collecting donations!