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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School


Harry Potter
Thanks to the hard work of Mrs Vaughan and her parents, the children in Class 3 have come back to school after the holidays to a Harry Potter themed room.

The display boards have been backed with the colours of the houses of Hogwarts. Other items that bring a magical atmosphere to the room are: a ‘brick’ wall,  a signpost, a sorting hat, a mandrake, flying keys and candles, broomsticks and of course Dobby. Inspired, the children, who have learnt to write instruction texts in English, are bringing in a wide variety of recipes for magical potions.

In Geography we are exploring our local area: Foxton. During a village walk the children categorised features found into human features and physical features. We wanted to find out how people in the village feel about living in Foxton and conducted a survey of our local area.  We put our findings in a spreadsheet and produced a variety of graphs. 


Harry Potter Studios
The 5th of October was the day we had all been waiting for! We went on a trip to the Harry Potter studios in London. At the studios we explored the film sets, looked closely at some props and found out how big Hagrid’s trousers are.
You can find more photos of our trip in the photo gallery.


Back in school, we wrote about our fantastic trip to our pen pals in Montigny (France).  In September we received some beautifully written and decorated letters from the children the primary school in Montigny and we tried to make our letters equally interesting and neat. You can see some examples of our letters below.

Times tables
As a class, we are working hard on the quick recall of the multiplication facts of the times tables and their related division facts. The children are doing a fantastic job and a record number of certificates has been handed out this month.

Group readers
Thanks to the support of the Friends, our school has been able to buy a selection of new group readers for each class.  It is fantastic to have new, high quality books and we enjoy reading them.