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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

The Autumn Term 2017 in Class 4

By Tom H


In our topic lessons, we have been learning about the continents and oceans of the world. There are seven continents and five oceans. The continents are: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica. The oceans are: Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Southern Ocean. We have also learnt about the inside of the Earth and its layers. Starting from the centre, the layers are: the inner core, the outer core, the mantle, the outer mantle (the asthenosphere) and the crust which is made up of tectonic plates.


In science lessons, we have been learning about electricity. We have learnt how most simple components work and how to draw them in a circuit diagram. We have also learnt that bulbs shine brighter in parallel circuits than in series circuits. A series circuit is when the bulbs are linked one after the other and a parallel circuit is when the bulbs are attached separately. As well as this, we learnt about space and the distances involved. We made a scale model on the playground – the sun was a football and Jupiter was the size of a 2p piece in the corner of the field! Here is a link to another scale model which is made to the scale that the moon is just one pixel. The distances are huge!


In English we have been learning about Macbeth. Before half term, we got up to the part of the story in which Macbeth is plotting to kill King Duncan. We have watched an animated tales version and read a book written from the point of view of a servant. We are also learning about writing reasons to answer thoughtful questions from both sides. Over half term, we did extended homework (anything to do with Macbeth!) After half term, we finished both versions of the story and did some writing about Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalk.


In Maths before half term, my group learnt about powers of 10 and how they can be used to write large numbers. For instance, 34x106 is 34,000,000. We have used this to write about distances in space. After half term, we did the formal written method for addition, subtraction and multiplication. We are going to do division next term.


In art, we have done lots of different topics. These are pointillism, making scarecrows and          press-printing. Pointillism is using lots of primary-coloured dots to make the impression of secondary and tertiary colours in a picture. We made scarecrows for a competition and we are going to use four colours in our press-printing to make fun patterns. We have also done some work based on the artist Piet Mondrian’s work using painted paper and black paper instead of just painting. Next term, we are going to make rugs using the same style.


In PE, we have been learning about and playing invasion games. We have played home invasion and capture the flag. This is how to play home invasion: Each team has to try and get all of their players in the marked box on the other side of the pitch. If a player crosses the halfway line, the players on the other team can tag them. If a player gets tagged, they need to go back to their side of the pitch. Next term, we are going to do tag rugby and hockey.