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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Spring 2018

What a busy Spring term we had! Our first topic was Dinosaurs. For our extended homework we  researched about a dinosaur of our choice and shared our amazing facts we had found out with the rest of the school in our class assembly.

We had a trip to the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge. It was an interesting morning and we particularly enjoyed finding out about the Iguanodon skeleton and t-Rex skull called “Stan” on display. In computers we researched about dinosaurs and then  used this information to make our own dinosaur reference book.  We continued the topic of dinosaurs into our Art work, making skeleton pictures of dinosaurs, painting  a dinosaur landscape and sculpting dinosaurs from clay. In Science we learnt about how dinosaurs moved, their teeth, feet and food they ate. We then designed our own dinosaur and explained all its features. Finally, in History we learnt about Mary Anning, the famous palaeontologist from Lyme Regis who discovered an ichthyosaur skeleton  200 years ago.

After half term our topic was Animals. We had lots of fun writing our own animal riddles for the class to guess. In Science we learnt about the 6 animal groups and each week we learnt about animals from a different part of the world (Australia, The Artic and Antarctic, African Savannah and India) and sorted the animals into the animal groups. We also learnt about the weather in these parts of the world and compared them to Foxton (which was quite cold and snowy!) In Art we painted Aboriginal animal paintings, an African sunset painting and used plates to make an animal from the North or South Pole. Perhaps our favourite activity was making animal biscuits – and of course eating them! We then wrote instructions explaining how we made them. In RE we learnt about the Easter story, wrote about it in our books and then performed the Last Supper in the Easter Assembly at St Laurence Church. We also sang 2 songs that we had learnt in Music.