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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Spring term 2018

This term we have learnt how to do formal written methods for division calculations and we have started practising written calculations for all operations twice per week at the start of maths lessons. Some us go to work with Mr A or Mrs McD after this so that we can correct any mistakes and improve. We have made improvements in our recall of multiplication and division facts and most of us are doing our Table Mountain challenge in class with more tricky calculations that include decimals.

We started a new novel this term: Skellig. It is a fascinating and mysterious tale about a boy who finds something very unusual in the old garage at his new house. We have been exploring the themes of the book and writing our own chapters.

In science, we have continued to learn about the Earth, Moon and the Sun and why we have day and night and seasons. We have also learnt about the phases of the Moon and the wider Solar System. We are going to complete our extended homework projects on this topic or on earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains. We used Edmodo a lot to share work and discuss our learning.

We are also preparing for the tag rugby tournament in mid-March. We are using PE lessons and a new tag rugby club to practise and develop our skills so that we are ready to compete.

In art we have been exploring emotions and painting symbols to represent them. We are also going to do some art linked to Skellig.

The Year 6 children are getting ready for the tests in May and Mr A and Mrs McD are running a SATs Club after school to help the children prepare for this.

We are looking forward to Health Week and the Easter service at the end of term.