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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Autumn term 2018-19

At the beginning of term, we welcomed the new Year 5 children to Class 4. They have settled in well and are a delight to teach! The Year 5 children started the year with their Bikeability course. This began on the playground before taking to the roads around Foxton. They all did very well and were a credit to the school.

Our class novel this term is Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl. We will be reading this in class and using it to look at reading comprehension skills, question types and vocabulary building. We will also be using the book as a starting point for our extended writing. On Mondays and Tuesdays we will be focussing on grammar and punctuation and putting this knowledge into practice through writing.

In maths this term we have started by extending our knowledge of place value and looking at numbers in then tens of millions as well as decimals to three places. This will develop our skills in written calculations which we will continue to practise weekly. We will also look at each of the four operations in detail and exploring the conceptual differences and similarities of each. Multiplication and division facts will be tested weekly as always.

In science we are learning about forces. The children will be designing and conducting an investigation into the effect of gravity of objects of different masses. For the second half of the term, we will be learning about the properties of light, colour and how we see.

Our history topic will run for the whole term. We will be looking at chronology and timelines at the start of the topic so that we can put historical events in context and to scale. We will then look at key events in British history from 1066 to the Second World War. As part of our work on the First World War, we will be visting Ely Cathedral for a schools’ day in October.

Our PE lessons will be supported by Miss Jackson on Mondays when we will be learning how to build symmetrical and asymmetrical sequences in gymnastics. On Fridays, Mr Herd will be taking Class 4 for lessons in netball.

RE will be taught by Mrs Smelik and will prepare children for our faith week in October. Computing will cover the next level of coding as well as making use of different equipment for research and information gathering.On a Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Davies will be teaching PSHE whilst Mrs Sanders will continue to teach Spanish. Mrs McDonald and Mrs Vaughan will continue to teach Art and DT on a Thursday afternoon. This term the children will learn how to create charcoal self-portraits and also make poppies for our trip to Ely Cathedral in October.

We are looking forward to our Funtrition lessons on Friday mornings which will teach us how to keep ourselves healthy through careful choices of food and exercise.