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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Look at our allotment! 

This summer term we have grown lots of lovely plants in our class allotment. The children had a bean plant that they took home and grew over the Easter holidays, which we then transferred to our allotment. Unfortunately, the nights got very cold soon after that so not many of them survived! Those that did, however, are now flowering beautiful red flowers, and we expect the bean pods to come through any day now. 

We grew lettuces, peas, beans and potatoes. We harvested them at the end of term and each child got to bring home some of the produce we had grown for their dinners!

People who help us

One of our topics this half term has been 'People who help us.' Ranging from chefs and teachers to police and firefighters, each job has a special role in helping us in different ways. The children really enjoyed being vets, where they bandaged up their soft toy pets and wrote a little report card on them. They also loved the role-play area where they could catch criminals and put out fires! 

Jack and the Beanstalk

Our key topic text this half term has been Jack and the beanstalk. The children have learnt the story off by heart using a range of hand gestures to help them along; some of these gestures are from Makaton sign language, some from Talk4Write scheme, and some we just made up ourselves! The children performed their stories in pairs to the rest of the class and did absolutely brilliantly! 

The children then wrote the story, with a focus on story-telling language, such as 'Once upon a time', 'Suddenly' and 'Quick as a flash.' The year 1s wrote this story week by week on a computer programme called Clicker7. This was quite tricky as it meant using a keyboard! But the children did really well.

By Edie