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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School


School Values

Our whole school community were involved in the selection of our school values. Children led by adults debated the importance and application of a range of values and finally voted for those they felt most reflected our school.

Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

The values above are interwoven with other themes and form the basis of assemblies through out the year.  Everyone’s behaviour is expected to reflect respect for each other and being responsible for our actions and each others well being. Resilience enables children to develop as learners who are willing to challenge themselves and keep trying through their learning journey. This combined set of values helps us to maintain a positive environment in which to learn.

When moments of disruptive and dangerous behaviour do occur, we carefully investigate the situation, and consider both educational and protective consequences to keep everyone safe and help children to learn from their behaviour and the behaviour of others.  If there is a persistent problem, then we will involve the child’s parents in discussions to plan a suitable way to proceed.

Collective Worship

Collective worship takes place on a daily basis at Foxton Primary School.  We believe that gathering all our different groups together in this way is important for our community.

On three days of the week there are whole school assemblies, whilst on the other two days Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children have a separate assembly from that of Key Stage 2.

The worship we practice is broadly Christian in character. Our gatherings are a time for children to reflect on the needs and situations of those around them and the wider community, as well as an opportunity for sharing celebrations such as birthdays and personal achievements.

Assemblies may include singing, or listening to music and readings of poetry or from books, both fact or fiction.  Visitors of various faiths and denominations are invited to lead assembly from time to time.

The school is legally required to provide both collective worship and religious education, but parents may of course withdraw their children from either of these if they wish.  Children who have been withdrawn will be provided with an alternative occupation under the supervision of a member of staff.

Evaluation of individual children’s progress is monitored formally discussed at the half-termly pupil progress meetings.

Positive Behaviour

At Foxton, we are following Hertfordshire's Steps as a therapeutic approach to positive behaviour management. This approach is well established in many education settings and services. 

We have embedded in our policy and practice the following shared principles:

  • A focus on inclusion of children and young people
  • A set of values and beliefs about understanding behaviour
  • Open communication
  • A commitment to diversion and de-escalation
  • Risk Reduction Planning
  • Reparation, reflection and restoration

If you wish to learn more, please refer to our Behaviour Policy (policies tab) or the Hertfordshire website: