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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Remote learning in case of absence through isolation or illness



Current DfE guidance is as follows:

Where a class, group or small number of pupils need to self-isolate, or there are local or national restrictions requiring pupils to remain at home, we expect schools to have the capacity to offer immediate remote education.


Other illnesses or injuries

There is less specific guidance for children who are absent as a result of other illnesses or injuries. However, the expectation is that the local authority and school ensure that the child is not without access to education for more than fifteen days.


Our provision


If a whole class needs to learn from home (e.g as a result of a bubble closure) then, where possible, we will revert to the type of provision that was used in January to March 2021: the use of Seesaw to provide a near-full timetable of lessons using tasks, explanatory videos and live teaching. Planning will necessarily be adapted to suit this method of delivery.

If an individual child or small group needs to isolate then we will provide work via Seesaw at the end of each day for the child to complete on the following day if they are well enough to do so. This will match as closely as possible the key lessons in class that day. This will allow teachers to upload any teaching materials and tasks as well as any notes or summaries of the lesson discussions that may be relevant. They may also provide feedback or answers to the previous day's work.


Other illnesses or injuries

If an individual child is away from school for any other reason for three days or less, we would expect the child to keep on top of core skills when they are well enough to do so by

  • reading regularly and discussing the reading with an adult
  • using Readiwriter to practise spelling patterns
  • using Mathletics to complete any assigned work.


If after three days you feel that your child is well enough to complete work but needs to remain at home to recover or to prevent the spread of an infection, please contact the school. We will be able to provide work for your child to complete in addition to the core skills practice listed above. This will be in the form of the key teaching slides / presentations and copies of worksheets that have been pre-planned for the lessons by the class teacher. These would be uploaded to Seesaw at the end of the day on which they were taught. If a child is expected to be absent for more than three days, we may provide this work from the first day.



June 2021