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Foxton Primary School

Foxton Primary School

Support and Provision

Your child does not need a formal diagnosis to receive additional support in primary school. If you or your child's class teacher identifies a need, reasonable adjustments can be made to support your child. 

Once a child's needs are identified, we use our observations, data, pupil voice conversations and parents' views to identify priority targets. We usually only choose to address 3 targets at a time, as this is the most manageable amount. We then create a plan of what we will do to support the child in achieving those targets. After a minimum of 6 weeks, we review the progress made and set new targets. 

At Foxton, we use our assessment portal Insight to create Learning Plans that document this Assess, Plan, Do, Review cycle. We hold parent meetings to discuss these plans with you once a term. 

Learning Plan example:

No two children with autism are the same, but it is worth giving some examples of common strategies and provisions we may offer at Foxton for children with autism, to name a few:

  • visual timetables
  • social stories
  • nurture groups
  • friendship groups
  • Lego Therapy
  • Sensory Circuits
  • warnings and support for transitions
  • individualised transitions
  • frequent learning breaks
  • access to specialist equipment e.g. ear defenders